CCP Walls

Secant pile walls are generally installed up to about 25m deep. Beyond that depth ensuring the individual piles are secanted into each other becomes increasingly difficult. A CCP Wall is a connected contiguous pile wall where the individual piles are linked together using the CCMJ System. Wall depths of 50m or more are therefore possible. Below, using a plan view, are a series of sequence sketches illustrating the process

1. Install guide wall




2. Install alternate (primary) piles complete with CCMJ guide track.



3. Drill out intermediate (secondary) pile. Fill pile bore with slurry support and extract any temporary casing.



4. Using CCMJ mill connect to primary pile on one side


5. Repeat process to connect to the primary pile on the other side.



6. Install reinforcement and pour concrete.




7. Repeat stages 3 to 6 to form a continuous wall




A CCP Wall does not have to be in a straight line. One of the major uses for the system will be to form circular shafts particularly with diameters between 5m and 15m the geometry of which makes them difficult to construct as a diaphragm wall. A plan view sketch of such a shaft is shown below:

European Patent 2732101 validated in: France, Germany, Italy & UK

US Patent 9371623. Other patents pending.


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