CCMJ System

The CCMJ System is a versatile New Solution for delivering Diaphragm Wall & Pile Joint Integrity.  In particular the system:

  • Increases the effective depth range of  Diaphragm Walls (especially walls excavated by grab) and Secant Walls
  • Removes the requirement for Stop-ends
  • Allows for a Water Bar to be installed across the joint
  • Permits Continuous Reinforcement across the joint
  • Optimises Reinforcement Density and hence Concrete Flow
  • Facilitates joints at corners eliminating the need for “L” shaped cages and reducing single pour concrete volumes and slurry storage capacity requirements.
  • Enables the construction of smaller-dimension square and circular deep shafts than is possible with current methods.


The development and validation of the new system is currently being taken forward through an EU-funded project under the framework of Horizon 2020. Full details of the project can be found here.


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Update from trials

The field trials of the system took place in February and March 2019. The performance of the trimmer and results from the first trial fully met the development team’s expectations. Click on the photos for more information and review our latest conference paper. 

TTMJ System - From Theory to Practice
Conference paper to analyse and compare the results of field trials of the TTMJ system with numerical analyses.
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]


John Coupland


John has worked as a consultant to the Skanska foundation companies both in the UK and USA since 2007. From conceptual design to actual construction his advice is sought by Clients, Engineers and Skanska estimators and construction teams. He provides constructability advice, planning and site support for foundation projects that have special technical or practical challenges. 

John’s experience of diaphragm walls began in the mid 1970s when he spent five years with ICOS. In the early 1980s he worked for three years in Hong Kong on diaphragm wall projects for the Mass Transit Island Line. During the 1990s John was Operations Manager then Operations Director for Bachy Soletanche in charge of many diaphragm wall and other foundation projects in the UK, Scandinavia and the Middle East. 

In 2001 he joined Cementation for the start of Channel Tunnel Rail Link phase 2. After advising on the site set up for the Stratford Box diaphragm wall he was JV Project Manager for Graham Road Shaft diaphragm walls, the deepest walls installed in the UK to date. 

A transfer to Cementation’s sister company in New York was next. Over the following five years he was instrumental in developing this organisation from a small driven pile company to the city’s leading geotechnical contractor capable of undertaking a wide range of foundation techniques. 

Since having problems with the “peel off” joint former in the 1990s John has been looking for a better solution and the CCMJ system is the result.


European Patent 2732101 validated in: France, Germany, Italy & UK

US Patent 9371623. Other patents pending.


CCMJ Systems is a Corporate Member of the DFI

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